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How did you get here? If you did not click on the link to access this page, then chances are, you were redirected here when you were trying to access one of our exclusive resources without being logged in to your account at Vervely. If you’re already a member, all you need to do is to log in and go to Vervely’s VIP Circle Content Library and you should get access to our exclusive resources on online content and community.

VIP Circle

The Circle is changing!

We are moving Vervely’s Content Library to¬†Vervely Digital Academy. You can now access the library for FREE until we open our doors to the Academy.

Due to these changes, we will not be accepting new members during this transition period. But, you can still subscribe to our mailing list to get news and updates of our new resources and more. Let’s stay in touch!

Lee Hopkins

“This is crazy! It costs just $9.95/year** to be a part of Shai’s VIP Circle. Less than three small lattes. Shai is seriously undervaluing and underpricing her masterful work. But get in now before she comes to her senses…”
– Lee Hopkins, former CEO of Better Communications

** Premium Membership was offered at an introductory discounted rate of $9.95. This offer has now ended.