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By Christine Gooding | Blog

Sep 30

One of my new found love is Pinterest. I love how easy it is to pin all my favourite finds on the Internet on various categories.

I am not surprised that Pinterest hit 10 million unique monthly visitors faster than any other social networks and continues to grow.

If your business makes use of Pinterest to reach existing and potential customers, measuring the effectiveness of your efforts is crucial.


The social bookmarking site has established itself as the dominant online source of visual inspiration, allowing users to collect and share photos of their interests, hobbies, and events. Pinterest users spend more money, shop more frequently, and purchase items more often and in larger quantities than users on any other social network. Pinterest, I believe, is a fantastic traffic referral for businesses.


Based on your marketing objectives social media strategy, you need to determine which of the following metrics are more important for your business to track:

Average Repins per Pin your brand has received each time it has made a pin or a repin.

Average Likes per Pin your brand has received each time it has made a pin or a repin.

Average Comments per Pin your brand has received each time it has made a pin or a repin.

Average 2nd Degree Followers shows your brand how connected your follower base is. Specifically the average number of followers each of your brand’s followers has.

Follower Engagement percentage shows your brand what percentage of your follower base you can expect to engage with each of your pins/repins.

Short-Term Follower Engagement fluctuates rapidly in comparison to follower engagement, and is best used to measure the effectiveness of a recent modification to your brand’s Pinterest strategy.

Velocity is the current average number of pins/repins your brand makes per week. This metric is a great tool for testing out the ideal amount of pins/repins your brand should be pinning per week. If you modify the velocity and keep it steady at a modified rate, you can use the “short-term follower engagement” metric to determine whether the change in velocity produced better engagement results for your brand.

Impressions are the number of times pins from your brand’s website were seen each day on Pinterest.

Reach is Pinterest’s metric–specific to the relationship between your website and Pinterest. It is the number of people on Pinterest who saw a pin from your brand’s website each day on Pinterest.

Clicks are the number of visits to your website each day directed from pins clicked.

Most Recent pin feed shows you the most recent pins that originated from your brand’s website.

Most Repinned pin feed shows you the most repinned pins that originated from your brand’s website.

Most Clicked pin feed shows you the most clicked on pins that originated from your brand’s website.

Top Fans and Influencers is a list of the most influential and most connected Pinterest users following your brand.

Top Pins originating from your brand’s website with the most engagement.

Top Interactions are the total Pinterest interactions with all of the pins originating from content on your brand’s website.



As for which metric tools would be best to use, there are heaps out there to choose from. We reckon Pinterest’s own web analytics (released early March this year.) is one of the best and it includes the following metrics:

  • Number of pins, pinners, and repins from your website
  • Impressions and reach
  • Amount of clicks and visitors to your website from Pinterest
  • How many people repinned your pins

You can customise the date range for the above data and export results to a CSV file. One of the great things about Pinterest Analystics is being able to see the most repinned and most clicked pins from your account, which helps you know what content your followers find most engaging. Pinterest also shows you all content that has been pinned from your site (or any site for that matter) at

To get to your own analytics, click Analytics in the top-right menu under your name. If you don’t see it, check to make sure you’ve verified your website and that you’ve already switched to the new look.

Other good metric tools you can opt to use are:

Curalate – for enterprise-level Pinterest analytics. It helps you find out who are your most engaged followers and how you can join the conversation by accessing Curalate’s consolidated communication tab. Identifying trends that have a viral nature will then help you strategise Pinterest campaigns.

Reachli – (formerly Pinerly) allows you to link your PInterest campaign pins to the analytics tools, measuring clicks and reach. Plus, compare selected campaigns against each other. You can also interact with a graph that measures engagement over a period of time. A brilliant way to determine the impact of certain types of content.

Postris – (formerly Repinly) helps you find out what’s hot and trending based on the habits, content, and tags around top pinners.

Piqora – (formerly Pinfluencer) allows you to track the most influential pinners, most engaged users, and even compare your pins, repins, virality, and activity with your competiion.

Pinpuff – a free tool that immediately lets you measure your virality on Pinterest by calculating a “pinfluence” score according to your popularity, influence, activity, and reach on the social network. A low score falls below 40, but the average Pinpuff user’s score is actually only 32. So a score between 40 and 70 is pretty good. Higher than 70 makes you a celebrity.
What type of content do get most engagement from on Pinterest? Which of these metric tools do you find most helpful? Do you use an analytic tool that we didn’t mention here?

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