Book Travel Clients - Or We Don't Get Paid!

Want to generate PAX from Facebook ads... but not sure how to make it work for your business?

We take the whole thing off your hands and create Facebook ad campaigns that deliver results. Whether it's for hotel bookings, resort goers, tour packages for inbound or outbound travel - We'll generate the leads for you. If we don't, you just don't pay*!

This no-obligations phone call can help you to book travel clients on auto-pilot for your business. Contact us today and start earning more!


Tired of trying to figure out how to generate PAX through Facebook ads...

Frustrated and confused with how your social media advertising campaigns are going for your business? We can build your Facebook ad campaigns and deliver you with high quality leads of your ideal travel customers. If we don't, YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY*!

Imagine being able to focus on what you're truly passionate about - running the travel business of your dreams - while we unleash a flood of leads and clients straight to your door. And, the best part? If we don't send you leads, we don't get paid! How's that for a guarantee?*

Why Bother With Facebook Ads?

Did you know that Facebook use for travellers is constantly growing in today's market? According to a recent US survey, 53% of travellers found their ideas for their most recent trip on Facebook, 38% on Instagram, and 31% on Facebook Messenger. For millennial travellers, the percentage is even higher (68% Facebook, 60% Instagram, 42% Facebook Messenger). That's why many travel businesses are now taking advantage of different Facebook Advertising products. If your competitors are on it and you're not - you're missing out!

Large Pool of Potential Clients

With Facebook being one of the biggest social media channels on the planet, your ad gets served to a huge number of active and engaged users in a targeted way to your specific market.

Multimedia Ad Reach

As a Facebook advertiser, you can connect with your audience in a variety of ways - through carousel or single image ads, videos, Canvas, or dynamic ads - by desktop, mobile, or even via Messenger ads.

Ads With Business Goals

Whether your business is looking for brand awareness, lead generation, increased local traffic, events registration, website clicks, or other goals - Facebook can help to deliver ads that convert for you.

Value For Your Ad Dollars

Your ads will be created and served with careful strategy, with the help of Top Facebook Marketers, to make sure that they are optimised to minimise your cost per lead and to target and re-target your ideal customers.

Why Hire Vervely For Your Facebook Marketing?

  • Australian-registered business
  • 15+ years in digital media space
  • Will save your business time and money (DIY Facebook Ads can be costly!)
  • Works with a team of Facebook specialists (with strong Facebook Ads experience)
  • Runs successful Facebook campaigns for clients
  • Trusted by the best brands, like Microsoft
  • Works with international clients
  • Believes in marketing with integrity

Selected Brief Testimonials For Shai's Work

Demonstrated Competence and Success

Shai [snip] - she's been at this a long time, and has demonstrated competence and success. I strongly recommend her for any organization looking to create or expand their social media strategy!

Mike Yeaton , Chief Strategy Officer, Empire Health Foundation

Instrumental in Growing the Reach of Online Properties

Shai lives and breathes social media and has been instrumental in growing the reach of our online properties (with Microsoft). Her achievements include a significantly higher level of engagement on our Facebook posts and an increase in 'likes' of more than 300%. An outgoing, creative and hard working individual, she is not afraid to try new things to get results but does so with the highest of integrity to the brands she works for. Her results speak for themselves and I would happily recommend her.

Clair Deevy , Head of Economic Growth Initiatives APAC, Facebook

Work With an Expert

Shai is an expert in her field and a strong communicator.

Gillian Pearl, Principal, PCS (Pearl Consulting Services) International

Our Team

Shai Coggins - Vervely Adelaide Australia - Facebook Advertising Agency

Vervely's team is led by Shai Coggins, a digital media specialist with 15+ years experience in online content, community, and conversion marketing. Her work in the digital space has been featured in various media, including Fast Company, The Advertiser, and Reader's Digest, among others. For Facebook advertising, Shai works with a team of specialist marketers in this platform, to make sure our clients receive the best quality service.

*How Our Performance-Based Ads Work

During our strategy call, we will discuss how our performance-based ad program can work for your specific business - whether you're a new or established travel agency, a winery or resort running tours, or other travel-related business. Depending on the needs of your company, a set-up fee may be required for your account and funnel activation.

We offer this program because we want to share the risk of hiring an agency to help businesses grow and to prove our commitment to our clients' success. With performance basis advertising, we get to see our clients' businesses flourish - and we benefit from that too. It works for us, and it works for our clients. 

Book Your Free Travel Business Strategy Call Today

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