Online Community Building: Tools and Tips for Associations [Members]

This is the slide deck from the presentation I created for Associations Forum for a webinar for their members late in 2012.

Overview: This presentation covers different reasons for building online community, as well as different tips and tools on how to get the job done. While this is primarily pitched for associations and NFPs, different organisations may also benefit from the topic. See below for selected feedback from participants.

Selected feedback from participants:

“Today’s webinar was very informative – Shai gave a great deal of useable information, and it was not just a one hour advertisement like some other webinars I’ve been to! (this was my first one hosted by associations forum)” – participant from Australian Association of Social Workers

“Very informative and useful, and appreciate the realistic pitch – so many just tell me I have to do every form of social media, I think in the hope that I will hire their services! Being an NFP this was a realistic overview – thanks!” – participant from ABSANZ

“Very informative. Information was very timely and will help us move forward with our social media strategy. The weblinks were really useful too, thanks.” – participant from Australian Association for the Teaching of English