Utilising Social Media for Leadership and Outcomes [Slide Deck]

On December 11, 2013 by Shai Coggins

One of the key events that Vervely participated in this year is Association Forum's inaugural Future Leaders Conference.

As part of this event, I've presented on the topic of social media use by leaders and emerging leaders. I'm sharing my slide deck here, for those who might be interested in he topic.

For leaders who are wondering if social media is something that they should use or not, I shared this quote:

“The solution is to stop looking at social media as another platform you have to learn —yet another responsibility—and start seeing it for what it can be instead: a personal toolbox for improving your practice of leadership.” –Alexandra Samuel, The Wall Street Journal (source)

I also shared this useful model, looking at six social media skills every leader needs by McKinsey and Company (source).

In any case, it was a great event that I thoroughly enjoyed. And, I'm very grateful to the Associations Forum team for inviting me to take part.

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