Facebook Tutorial: How do I invite people to my page via email?

By Shai Coggins, Digital Specialist | Blog

Sep 25


One of the questions I got asked recently about Facebook is: How do I invite people to our Facebook Page via email?

This is a fairly straightforward process. All you need to do is to follow this simple step-by-step instruction:

1. Go to the Facebook Page when you’re logged in as an admin, then click on the “Build Audience” link.

2. From there, you will get an option that allows you to invite people by email. Click on the “Invite People by Email” option.

3. You will then get the option to choose which ones from your contact list you would like to invite. Choices include Skype, Hotmail, iCloud, Windows Messenger, and other email tools. Click on your chosen contact list.

4. Depending on which service you selected, you will either be asked to provide your log-in details and/or be asked to go through an authentication process in that selected service.

5. Once your account is authenticated, proceed with choosing the people you wish to invite.

6. Review your invitation and click send.

7. Voila! That’s it. You have managed to share your Facebook page with some of your networks via email.

While this is definitely one good way to increase Facebook likes on your page, do remember the following tips when sending email invites:

  • Make sure you review the list that you are sending the invitation to. Avoid sending it to everybody in your contact list, especially if you haven’t cleaned out your list lately.
  • If you have recently sent email invites, you might want to wait a little while before sending another mass email.
  • Typically, it is best to personalise invitations. However, for expediency, personalized invitations are not always easy to do. So, sometimes, a mass invite might suffice. But, do use this sparingly! You must especially be careful if you have friends with different email addresses.

You can also review Facebook’s Dos and Don’ts on email.

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