Do It Yourself Social Media Audit: Twitter

Have you been using Twitter for 3 months or more? Are you looking to find out how you can improve its use? This Do It Yourself Social Media Audit worksheet will help you to look at your Twitter usage.

Answer the questions to the best of your abilities. Then, at the end of this exercise, you will receive some feedback on each item.

Social Media Audit: Twitter

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1. Look at your organisation's Twitter profile. Have you changed your profile picture or avatar in to something that best represents your organisation?


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2. Read your Twitter profile bio. Does it reflect your organisation's voice and approach on Twitter?


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3. Which of the following areas in your Twitter account have you customised? You can mark as many of these points that are applicable.


Question 3 of 9

4. On average, how often do you post new, original update on Twitter?


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5. How often do you Retweet other people's interesting posts?


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6. Which of the following practices on Twitter do you use? You can choose as many as you wish.


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7. How many Twitter accounts do you follow each week?


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8. Who manages your organisation's Twitter account?


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9. How knowledgeable is your social media manager when it comes to using and maximising Twitter?


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