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Christine Gooding is a digital marketing specialist who has worked on some client projects with Vervely. She is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

All You Need To Know About Snapchat
Oct 13

All You Need to Know about SnapChat

By Christine Gooding | Blog , Content

Using SnapChat For Businesses and Organisations   Who in their right mind would  turn down a $3 billion purchase offer from Facebook? Well, that’s SnapChat for you. SnapChat’s founders apparently had their reasons, including allegedly entertaining other lucrative offers simultaneous with the Facebook offer, like that from Chinese e-commerce company Tencent Holdings. Then there’s the […]

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Typhoon Haiyan unselfie
Nov 27

Top 5 Social Media Tools for Natural Disaster Response

By Christine Gooding | Blog

Natural disasters worldwide has been increasing at a steady rate, particularly since the 1970s, according to a report from the New England Journal of Medicine. Since 1990, natural disasters have affected about 217 million people every year. Social media has played a major role in disseminating information about disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the 2011 Christchurch […]

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Nov 07

Social Media Measurements for Instagram

By Christine Gooding | Blog

Let’s face it, most people are visually stimulated and so the use of videos and photos are crucial when it comes to social media. That’s where Instagram comes in, which recently reported that “Interest in short-form video content has grown significantly in 2013 following the launch of Vine and video for Instagram.” Instagram, for its […]

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Sep 30

Social Media Measurement for Pinterest

By Christine Gooding | Blog

One of my new found love is Pinterest. I love how easy it is to pin all my favourite finds on the Internet on various categories. I am not surprised that Pinterest hit 10 million unique monthly visitors faster than any other social networks and continues to grow. If your business makes use of Pinterest […]

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