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Shai Coggins is the Manager and Chief Digital Media Specialist at Vervely, an Australia-based agency serving local and international clients. One of the company's main clients is Microsoft. Shai has been featured in a number of media due to her online work, including being named as one of Fast Company's "Most Influential Women in Technology" list (2009).

Sep 17

Social Media Engagement Metrics

By Shai Coggins, Digital Specialist | Blog

When taking social media measurement into account, many users and practitioners tend to focus on just the obvious metrics: number of page likes, number of followers, etc. However, focussing on just these things alone may lead to frustration and lack of direction in growing social media use. We have discussed some basic social media metrics […]

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Sep 12

Content Workflow

By Shai Coggins, Digital Specialist | Blog , Content

When working in teams, understanding workflow is important. It helps to sort out who’s doing what, and how. And, the bigger the team, the more critical it is to connect the workflow dots. That’s why when I start working with a client, I try to establish the desired workflow of every team that I work […]

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Gamifying with PunchTab
Aug 30

Gamification Using PunchTab

By Shai Coggins, Digital Specialist | Blog , Community

UPDATE: Decided to uninstall PunchTab from Vervely at this time (Feb 2014). If you have ever used applications like Foursquare, Get Glue, or Nike+ Running App, then you would have experienced examples of gamification. To give you an official definition of gamification, here’s one from Wikipedia: “Gamification is the use of game design techniques, game […]

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