8 Simple Ways to Promote Your Social Media Outreach

By Shai Coggins, Digital Specialist | Blog

Mar 15

What are the ways that you promote your social media presence? If you’re looking for some ideas, here are eight simple things that you can do:


Promote Your Social Media Presence With a One-Page Flyer!

  • Add the main social media platforms of your team/organization in your email signature. You don’t need all of the links. Just the most used ones. If Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are your most used platforms, make sure you add the links in your email correspondences. This may seem very small, but it’s surprising how many people forget to do this.


  • Consider adding the links in your business cards and stationery too. This might be beyond your control if your marketing/branding department doesn’t agree with the idea. However, it’s an idea worth exploring if you can have a say in the matter.


  • Add “Share This” buttons on your official website or blog. If your organization runs a blog or website, make sure that each post has its own “Share This” button. And, once they’re there – don’t be afraid to use them too! Help to promote your own team or organisation’s posts by Tweeting, ReTweeting, Liking, or Sharing the posts on Google Plus and other platforms.


  • Add your team and/or organisation’s social media main accounts and visit them regularly. And yes, same goes here. Once you’re following your organisation’s account, make sure that you help by liking, commenting, and/or sharing. You’re one of the team’s best evangelists for your organisation!


  • Mention your social media presence when the occasion calls for it. Use them in your events. Talk about them when looking to engage with new contacts and existing partners. You don’t need to keep going on about it. Just mentioning it in the right circumstances can make a difference.


  • Add social media to your slide deck presentations. If you create presentations for webinars, conferences, workshops, and other events, make sure you include links to your social media accounts.


  • Promote your social media presence in your EDMs/email newsletters/print newsletters. Yes, add links to your mail-outs too.


  • Create a one-page social media promo flyer for your organisation’s use. You can add this one-pager on your website or blog, email to participants of your event, or even  print out for giving away. If you’re interested, we have a one page social media promo flyer template available to our members/subscribers.


If you have other tips you’d like to share, please do so in the comment section below.


About the Author

Shai Coggins is the Manager and Chief Digital Media Specialist at Vervely, an Australia-based agency serving local and international clients. One of the company's main clients is Microsoft. Shai has been featured in a number of media due to her online work, including being named as one of Fast Company's "Most Influential Women in Technology" list (2009).